The planning team for Thomasville: Blueprint 2028 is comprised of many individuals. The Thomasville City Council, the steering committee, the consultant team and all members of the community will play a vital role in the comprehensive planning effort. Each individual provides a critical component to achieve success for Thomasville: Blueprint 2028.


CIty COuncil

  • Greg Hobbs

  • Don Sims
    Mayor Pro Tem

  • Max Beverly

  • Jay Flowers

  • Terry Scott

Steering committee members

  • Tom Berry
  • Rosemary Boykins
  • Katie Chastain
  • Stephen Cheney
  • Marvin Dawson
  • Neil Fleckenstein
  • Jay Flowers - Councilmember
  • Wiley Grady
  • Haile McCollum
  • Reverend Jeremy Rich
  • Terry ScottCouncilmember
  • Stephan Thompson
  • Gary Tucker
  • Alston Watt

city staff

  • Steve Sykes
    City Manager/Utilities Superintendent

  • Kha McDonald
    Sr. Assistant City Manager – Human Resources & Community Relations

  • Jerry Pionessa
    Assistant City Manager/City Engineer

  • Lynn Williams
    Assistant City Manager – Communications & Marketing

  • Brian Herrmann
    City Planner

  • Sheryl Sealy
    Marketing Director

  • Martha Reynolds
    Neighborhood Planner

  • J. Kenneth Thompson
    Urban Designer